Wrong Think

No idea is too dangerous to be talked about

The Unpopular Opinion testing ground
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Do you have opinions that you don't want to admit to having?
Do you sometimes hold your tongue because you're afraid of how your friends will react?
Do you try again and again to discuss a topic only to find that the knee-jerk reactions of others prevent serious debate?
Do you just want to stir some shit up?

Welcome to Wrong-Think!

Here's how it works: post an entry with all comments screened, or a poll with answers viewable to none.
Comment on other people's posts with your Unpopular Ideas, or put them into people's polls!

When you have a few responses (try to get 10 or more ideas) put up a list with the names removed of these thoughts, so we can discuss them.

Based on The Unpopular Opinion series by dan4th
Original Idea by catamorphism