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Your Sex Complaints

Sex is great! Except when it sucks. Give me your best "I hate it when..." scenario, your pet peeves, your agony and sexual vexations of every variety.

If it turns out too dirty I might post the resulting comparison poll in my own LJ if mod dan4th wants to keep it clean over here, but you'll still be able to see it and respond.


Poll #818646 Complaints About Sex

Bitch to me!



Weird. it's not letting me enter into the poll. Maybe because I'm not logged in, but that's about confidentiality, honestly.

And I think that my biggest sex gripe is...when my !@#$ing meds meant ath I can't get off! I ahve to say, while I've had female partners tell me it's lovely for them, fucking for 20 minutes or more without coming can be really frustrating. Sex lasting a long time is good. Not being able to reach orgasm when you want to is not so good. Add to that the perception that guys can always come easily, and that this must mean that I'm not into it, thus stressing out the partner...bleah.

Still better than no sex, mind you. And still better than the risks of being off meds. And there are often ways to manage it with amount of sleep, diet, things like that. But argh.
Yeah, it won't let you post directly into the poll without being logged in. I screened your reply and will include it on the poll ( a shorter version of it).

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